Each voice in Spectra’s synthesis engine utilises two spectral generators giving you complete control over the harmonic structure of your sound.   The built in and user definable spectrum modulators ensure you can control multiple harmonics, single harmonics, morph 2 spectra, sequence spectral morphing, morph filters, sequence filter morphing all via automation. 

Spectra’s waveform analyser ensures you will never be without sonic options, enabling you to analyse internal and/or external sound sources, draw your own waveforms and store harmonic spectra from any periodic source. 

Spectra’s editor enables you to draw your own harmonic spectrum, draw your own filter responses and develop your own filter and spectrum morphing sequences with ease. 

Spectra has a plethora of built in modulators enabling you to sculpt sound in almost any way conceivable.    Spectra's 2 harmonic envelopes each  contain 256 DADSR envelopes enabling you to shape, sculpt or contour sound spectrums beyond you imagination while the 3 sixteen stage MSEG's provide additional modulation options.   Spectra's 2 LFOs enable you to draw your own LFO Shapes and also include Sample and Hold functionality.

Spectra Product Description


  • Easy to program Additive Synthesiser which enables you to control each harmonic in a Generator.
  • Over 400 included patches from renowned sound designers.
  • Easy to use Spectral Analyser enabling you to recreate any existing periodic, harmonic waveforms.
  • Full modulation control over the harmonic spectrum including modulation of multiple harmonics, single harmonics, harmonic tuning and the ability to morph with 2 different morph targets.
  • Fully editable Harmonic Spectrums
  • Fully editable Spectral Filters enabling you to draw your own filter.
  • 2 Harmonic Envelopes, each consisting of 256 DADSR envelope enabling you to shape the contour of each harmonic in a sound.
  • True Spectral Morphing
  • Morphing Filters
  • Harmonic Morph Sequences
  • Filter Morph Sequences
  • Editable LFO Shapes
  • 3 MSEGs of up to 16 stages
  • 2 Built in XY Controllers
  • 6 External CV Inputs